Advanced Shamanic Course Module 2

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Advanced Shamanic Course Module 2
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From Sun 23 February 2020 to Sun 12 April 2020
From Sunday 23 February 2020 to Sunday 12 April 2020
1:46 AM - 5:00 PM

This is module 2 of the Advanced Shamanic Training course, it is only open to those enrolled on the course. If you are interested in next years course please don’t hesitate to
contact us
. Thank you!
The Advanced Shamanic Course:
The Advanced course is largely aimed at those who wish to heal themselves at a deeper level as well as healing others, and learning to heal houses and land through the sacred art of shamanic ceremony.
This training is 6 modules of 3 days in length and is only open to those with completed shamanic practitioners training (proof may be required). It is aimed at healing people at a deeper level including how to deal with the darker energies that can torment people through the ways of the sacred shamanic medicine. An aspect of this course is designed to give you direct practical experience to empower you to do shamanic healing work of people, houses and land. It will take you to a deeper level allowing you to gain experience with the following:
Developing deeper journey work.
Learning and refining the art of divining / dowsing.
Spirit release for people, buildings and land.
Stalking awareness for plant medicine and making plant essences.
Connecting to sacred sites and working with their energy.
Connecting to the fairies or earth elementals.
Healing of houses and land through ceremony (lifting curses, healing memories and imprints, working from the blessing point, ceremony with the stone people).
Removal and healing of geopathic stress (finding the lines and cracks and how to clear and heal them).
Clearing and healing of other detrimental and unbalanced energies from the Ancestral lineage and the soul.
Working with healing miscarriages and lost children.
The fire of truth helping you to find out why you are here.
Anything else we are guided to do during the course.
Sacred fires and Pipe ceremony.
In order to receive the certificate of completion it is necessary for you to have completed all six modules. Normally the first 4 modules are based in the workshop setting and the last two is where we go out to practice on land and houses.
The cost for the Advanced Shamanism course is €300 per module for 6 modules (payable on the first morning of each weekend) in addition to a non-refundable non-exchangeable booking payment of €350 to book your place at least two weeks before the course but sooner confirms your place.  The total cost is 2150Euro – if you pay in full in advance of the first weekend it is 2000Euro (350fee is non-refundable plus any weekends you have attended). Accommodation or lunch is not included.
The dates of the 2020 course are as follows:
Module 1 – Friday 28th February to Sunday 1
Module 2 – Friday 10
April to Sunday 12
Module 3 – Friday 29
May to Sunday 31
Module 4 – Friday 17
July to Sunday 19
Module 5 – Friday 28
August to Sunday 30
Module 6 – Friday 9
October to Sunday 11
Times of the course: Fridays are 1pm to 7pm and Saturday is 9.30am until 6pm and Sunday is 9.30am until 5.00pm sometimes Saturdays can go on a little later.
Please bring a blanket and pillow and any shamanic tools you have for the course. You will need your divining rods for the course (if you don’t have these we will make them for you out of clothes hangers just let us know).
If you have any questions or are interested please do contact us so we can talk to you before you book the course. (Contact: Paul O’Halloran 0035386 8525529).
Once booked please also let us know if you are on any medication, have any allergies or have any health effects that you feel we should be aware of prior to the course starting. Thank you.
Also please let us know the exact spelling of your name how you would like it on your certificate (providing you finish all 6 modules).
The venue for the moment will be the Maldron Hotel in Oranmore, Galway.
Many blessings and thanks
Melanie and Paul

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