Arm Balance and Inversion Course

Sunday  17 March  2019  5:30 AM    Sunday  17 March  2019 7:30 AM
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Last update 18/03/2019

When we think of Yoga we often think of flexibility.
But what about strength? Can you stay in a challenging asana comfortably and with the sense of control? What if that posture involves both of your feet being off the ground?
This 6 weeks course will help build a stronger yoga practice for you, with emphasis on strength and arm balances. Because of the small size of the group, we will have plenty of time for individualised feedback and tips.
Be prepared for some strength and conditioning movements that might be different from your regular practice. Learn the tools that will empower you to take flight. We will be building towards asanas like bakasana (crow), parsva bakasana (side crow), astavakrasana (8 angle pose), lolasana, tittibhasana and adho mukha vrksasana (handstand). As well as transitions that you will be able to incorporate into your daily vinyasa flow.
While no prior experience is necessary, but willingness to work hard and have fun would certainly help! ????
Drop ins are welcome, but classes are limited to 10 people priority given to those who book the full course of course ????

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