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Saturday  23 February  2019  9:30 PM    Saturday  23 February  2019 11:59 PM
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Last update 24/02/2019

Walking into local pub, Peadar Kearney’s, on a Saturday night has the effect of transporting you to a better world. It’s not just that thesmoothly flowing drinks or the traditionally decorated space evoke a kinder, gentler era—it’s the atmosphere created by the excellent Brian Brody that takes you to a time and place outside and above the normal muckabout Dublin Saturday night.
During a recent show at Peadar Kearney’sBrody revealed his ability to bring a crowd together. As a consummate storyteller, he works his guitar and his voice to tap into the primal themes of the human condition. He moves easily from traditional ballads to rousing rock—engaging the crowd in a friendly banter.“Be loud because I’m about to be!” he urges the room before he launches into a rousing rendition of The Irish Rover and the crowd roars back.
As he works the crowd, he creates a community of strangers united by his music and the warm atmosphere of the pub. During a roll-call of sorts he moves around the room calling out the countries represented in the audience:Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, America, Cezch Republic, Ireland, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Ireland, Ireland, England, Ireland. In a neighborhood where pubs can often be dominated by hordes of tourists, this time and place feels authentically Irish because it is.
Needs a good closing that ties Peadars back in talking about it being te perfect venue for live music and intimate crowd settings.

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Peadar Kearney's
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Peadar Kearney's
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