Business Games Ireland Launch Celebration Game

Wednesday  24 May  2017  6:00 PM    Wednesday  24 May  2017 8:00 PM
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To mark our expansion into Ireland, BusinessGames is hosting a night at the Bank of Ireland (Grand Canal Square) to showcase one of our most successful Business Games 'United Nations'.
Get first-hand playing experience and learn more about how we can customize games to meet your organizational needs. 

Sign up as an individual or as a team. Limited attendance so book your tickets quick! 

There will be time for drinks at the Marker Hotel afterwards :)

Any request or inquiry, please contact Ruben at



On BusinessGames:

Businessgames transforms company objectives into games that employees can play. This includes onboarding new employees, deploying organizational goals and strategies, learning and development programs and team-building.
We base ourselves on 4 core beliefs.

- We believe that people form relationships through interaction and communication. Not by just sitting in the same room.
- We believe that people form teams by going through experiences together. Not by organizational design.
- We believe that people understand and remember content by engaging with it. Not in death by powerpoint.
- We believe that immersive activities and simulations impart knowledge. Not another one-pager.
This is why companies have loved to use customized games. By transforming complex or abstract topics into games, employees finally really engage with the content and interact with each-other at the same time.

This helps increase retention and effectiveness and personal relationships, simply because a refreshing/memorable medium is used to deploy knowledge to employees.

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Bank Of Ireland - 1 Grand Canal Square
1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Bank Of Ireland - 1 Grand Canal Square
1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland