Conflict for Women: Finding freedom and power in conflict

Thursday  7 February  2019  11:15 AM    Thursday  14 March  2019 2:00 PM
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Last update 15/03/2019

Conflict and challenging conversations are difficult for most of us. It can be deeply uncomfortable and threatening to our nervous system but conflict is part of life and isn’t going away. Conflict is also creative and lifegiving if we know how to work with it.
In our development as women finding our power in navigating conflict is a radical skill that can liberate us to show up in a more generous, real and impactful way.
This interactive course explores how we, as women, show up in conflict situations. Designed specifically for women we will use mindfulness, neuroscience, self compassion, Integral theory and developmental coaching to work with conflict, the difficult emotions it can bring up and the undesirable outcomes it often brings.
Each of us have a habitual way of working with conflict situations and challenging conversations. Some of us go into conflict all guns blazing, some of us shut down and some of us will do anything to keep the peace. It really helps
On a personal level if you are a woman who consistently finds yourself feeling powerless, hopeless, angry, exhausted or frustrated in conflict, if you feel stuck in an old looping conflict pattern with a partner or family or a work colleague, if you are a mum / step mum of a challenging teenager, if you are negotiating conflict in a divorce or just want to live more skilfully and step into your power this six weeks is for you.
As we women take up our place in positions of power, transforming is an essential 21 century leadership skill. As natural collaborators we have a significant contribution to make in our workplaces and in our communities however to be great collaborators we need to be skilful in conflict.
Over the six week you will an opportunity to understand and evolve your habitual patterns in conflict so that you can begin to transform your personal and professional relationships.
Learning outcomes
• Increase your understanding of the complexity and dynamics of conflict
• Receive a personal assessment of your conflict style
• Develop a fluency in different styles of conflict
• Explore how difficult emotions are held in the body
• Increase your range in working with difficult emotions
• Explore feminine shadow in conflict
• Learn to courageously and skilfully take a stand for what you need/ believe in
• Practice and play with other women who want to grow and develop in an interactive, fun and safe way
Cost €190
Contact: to inquire and book
A little more about me.....
Mari is an experienced leadership consultant, developmental coach, mentor, Integral Facilitator, yoga and mindfulness teacher. She has over a decade of experience working with individuals, organisations and teams in Ireland and internationally. In her private coaching practice she specialises in coaching women to live and lead skilfully and powerfully. Last year she launched a year-long online programme based on the Celtic Wheel which is bringing together 70 women together from around the world. Mari has a warm and playful approach to her work as she weaves ancient wisdom practices with contemporary developmental psychology, neuroscience, Integral theory and mindfulness.

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