Free Nutrition & Exercise Evening Seminar

Thu, 09 Nov 2023
10:00 - 11:45

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Following the massive success of our last seminar, we are hosting another one on Thursday the 9th November, where you will get a chance to sample exactly what we do best and that is showing you exactly how we get results for our amazing clients.
If you worried about joining our community and there is a certain "fear" inside your brain telling you that you won't be able then this is for YOU.
Let me play you out exactly the flow of the evening and why I am doing this.
What I mean by that is sometimes as we leave our youth we lose that mojo that we can attempt anything.
None more so than when it comes to your fitness beliefs.
I want to eradicate that by showing you what goes down in our boot camp sessions.
How we achieve awesome results!
How we make training sessions so much fun!
The training side is one part. What about Nutrition?
I want to show you the exact KEY methods to falling in love with your healthy food again and not falling off the wagon in the near future.
In essence, I want to give you the insights into how our clients manage and enjoy a balanced diet.
So without further ado, welcome to our INTRODUCTION FITNESS AND NUTRITION EVENING
Whos this for?
This is for people who are interested to learn more about Nutrition and Fitness.
Who wish to be comfortable in a group being coached on what is the best exercises to tone up, drop a kilo or 5 and get fitter.
This is for people who want to know how to beat their struggles with food planning and how to still be able to have some treats all while getting strong and fit.
So this is how the evening will work out:
=It will kick off upstairs in the meeting room at 7pm on Thursday 28th September.
=You will be shown a simple presentation on exactly our Nutrition ethos and what we believe you should be doing to help your food thoughts.
=I will then go through Our Nutrition Guide step by step to explain fully how results-based nutrition works.
=At all time we will keep it relaxed, fun and have the floor open to as many questions as possible.
=At 7:45pm we will have optional weigh in and complete body fat measurements so you know exactly where you are right now.
=At 8pm we move to the training room upstairs and we will bring you through an example warm up and workout for 45 minutes.
Do not worry about your experience or ability. We will coach, modify and help you through the session.
At the end of the workout you will get a FREE super cool Legacy Performance Drink Shaker.
Our Aim at the end of this is for YOU to see that you CAN take control of the direction of your body and health and improve your life.
How do you apply for a place?
You must click here : and enter your details. Our Team will contact you to make sure your ready for the evening and answer any other questions.
There are ONLY 15 PLACES AVAILABLE ( so do not miss out. Grab your place) . It's free so you would be mad not to take a place.
So looking forward to meeting you

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