Monthly New Moon Womens Fire- For The Divine Feminine

Fri, 13 Jul 2018
20:00 - 22:30

????Monthly New Moon Womens Fire????
- in Rinville Park
☆Each Month on the New Moon, we will come together as sisters to hold a fire for the Divine Feminine within us all.
☆A community fire open to women which offers a safe space to honour our feminine selves, share stories, give and receive support and connect with our Goddess Energy.
☆These New moon fires for women were first started by the truly gifted
Katie Blackwell Herbalist. A beautiful way for women to join together & heal through circles around the Fire.
☆The Full Moon fires began over 15 years ago with Our Powerful Mentor Shaman Paul O'Halloran who is so humble & down to earth. A joy to be around. These fires welcome everyone for healing, men, women, children & 4 legged friends too????
Highly recommend attending????????????
☆When women gather in circle, magic happens.
☆By being in the woods, we strengthen Our connection with Mother Earth & Father sky, the Four Directions,
Our Guides, Ancestors, Elementals, Fairy energy, Celestial Beings, Ascended Masters, the Divine Feminine & the Goddess within each one of us
☆Its an Honour for me to join together with my friend & highly talented healer Alma who is such a gentle, loving and caring soul. Alma is creator of True Being Intuitive Healing . She supports Women in Journeying with the Sacred Feminine • Supports in Spiritual Awakening • Midwife of the Soul • Sacred Toning • Light Worker • Awakening the Magdalene Energies and facilitates gathering for Sacred Rest for Women.
We will continue to keep the fires burning for women to gather in the West & ignite the flame within.
☆In the future, we hope to sync in with Katie's fires in Meath too.
☆I am a Moon Mother trained by author, artist, business woman, spiritual healer & teacher Miranda Gray. Also, Shamanic,Rahanni & Ogham Tree Therapy Practitioner.
☆Come along and enjoy the flow of the Divine Feminine and allow yourself to go within to the hidden parts of the Goddess which are revealed to us at the new moon.
☆This is a powerful time for opening and healing to the hidden parts of our feminine self.
☆Also, perfect time to set intentions for what you would like to bring into your life e.g new job, friends, love, abundance, happiness, health.
☆Just come along and bring a sister.
Also if you have a drum, rattle too????
A torch. If you would like to bring nibbles to share or some kindling for the fire it would be very welcome.
☆If you need more info, send a message to myself or Alma.
See you soon,
Thanks ????????????????????????
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'Two Drums Become One'
by Leah Dorion

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Next Week · 13–23° Mostly Sunny

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