Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 - Sun, 18 Nov 2018

This is a post graduate teacher training for Yoga Teachers and trainee teachers who wish to work safely and confidently with pregnant women. You will learn to include pregnant women in general classes and lead pre-natal yoga classes.
Course will cover:
Guidelines for asanas (postures) specific to each trimester and various pre- and post-natal conditions;
Adaptations and contraindications for a variety of asana and pranayama (breathing) techniques;
What to expect and how to support emotional changes; Creative use of yoga props and hands-on adjustments to ensure safety and support;
Pelvic floor exercises designed to ease delivery and recovery;
Breathing and relaxation techniques designed to create more comfort during pregnancy, labor and early mothering.
Basic Maternal Anatomy & Physiology
Hormones and their changing role throughout conception, labour and birth.
How is the female pelvis made-up to accommodate reproduction? What are the main features of the pelvis?
How do the muscles in the pelvis work before, during and after pregnancy?
What is the special place of the perineum in pregnancy, when is it at risk and how can that risk be reduced?
How are the lower pelvic organs related and how does their interrelation effect pregnancy and delivery?
What is the role of the abdominal muscles and diaphragm?
Guidelines for Asanas
Which yoga poses – and other forms of exercise – are suitable/unsuitable during pregnancy and in the early postpartum period (and during extended periods of lactation)?
What poses are indicated and contraindicated in each trimester?
How do these prescriptions vary depending on the unique woman and specific conditions such as age, number of pregnancies and other factors?
Adaptive Yoga
Just as every body is different, so is every woman’s experience of pregnancy. While there are a lot of common experiences, it’s important to acknowledge and support the unique ways that women feel when pregnant and with their new baby. While some women remain very physically active all the way until their due date, others might be on bed rest. In yoga practice, these differences mean creatively adapting poses and breathing techniques to each woman’s needs.
Emotional Changes
Pregnancy and childbirth can be among the most emotionally intense times in one’s life. It’s important to be attentive to shifts in feeling and to honoring those feelings as part of the larger process of change that is happening. Yoga teachers can create a supportive space for pregnant and postpartum students that makes it easier for students to relax and find the most joy along their path.
Skillful, sensitive, appropriate touch and verbal cues can guide and support your pregnant students to a deeper awareness and self-connection in their pre/post-natal yoga practice. This requires keen observation skills and an understanding of hands-on cues that both address common risks and encourage deeper inner guidance in a variety of poses.
Pelvic Floor Exercises
In traditional Hatha yoga, we have a practice called “mula bandha” that tones the lower pelvic muscles and stimulates the awakening of uplifting energy at the root of the spine. We can usefully build on “mula bandha” techniques to explore a variety of other pelvic floor exercises that have many benefits, including a stronger and more flexible set of perineal muscles, more subtle awareness of the lower pelvic organs and their surrounding support structure, much great ease in the delivery process and reduction of a variety of physical risks that often naturally arise in pregnancy.
Breathing, Relaxation & Delivery
Conscious breathing – pranayama – is at the heart of yoga. The ancient methods of pranayama offer many benefits during and after pregnancy, including more balanced energy (higher or lower as the need arises), deeper relaxation, less anxiety and more nuanced awareness of what’s happening in your body throughout pregnancy, delivery and beyond.
Peer Teaching
There will be time to create class plans and to practice the skill of teaching pregnant women with your fellow students playing the pregnant role.
Student Accommodation is available in our shared self-catering eco-cabins:
1 night €35 – 2 nights €30 per night – 3+ nights €25 per night
To secure your place, a non-refundable €50 deposit is required when booking. Payment in full must be made 4 weeks prior to any workshop (payment in full at time of booking to avail of our early bird)
16 November 2018 - 18 November 2018
€400 - €420
Ard Nahoo Yoga School & Eco Retreat
Dromahair, Co. Leitrim Ireland + Google Map
Noeleen Tyrrell ERYT500, C-IAYT, SYT - founder Ard Nahoo
Lauren Ray Hensey - Yoga teacher, Accupuncturist and Doula
Pauline Mc Loughlin - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC) nurse and midwife available for private consultation for breastfeeding women

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