Dream Catcher Cuban Salsa - Rueda de Casino ( Improvers )

Sunday  6 January  2019  10:00 AM    Sunday  3 March  2019 11:00 AM
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Last update 08/03/2019

Exciting news for all the students of SalsaDublin!
We are proud to present a new vision with a new project called:
DREAM CATCHER Rueda de Casino PROJECT (Improvers).
The new SOCIAL Rueda de Casino CHOREO PROJECT for Improvers Levels!!!!
-What is it?
This project is been created for those who want to progress with their social skills but at the same time trying the feeling of performing in front of an audience! The best thing about the new social choreo project is that you will be able to perform those new skills in the Social with different people.
So don’t stress about performing at the end of this because if you don’t feel confident to perform you don’t have to but you will find yourself and your social dancing skills more able to kill any social club and events with your new moves!
The difference with the Choreo project is that you will not just learn a choreography which you can only perform with that song, with those certain steps and in a choreography made for those steps but is to have a good balance between knowing new skills and be able to perform them in a choreography and in the social!
Join our team and learn new skills in a funny and interesting environment.
-The program:
-3 Months
-12 Lessons
-After 3 months we will do the 1st Performance
-4 Extra Training (not included on the full pack)
-Minimum 3 Performance
How much cost?
-120€ for the Lessons
-12,50€ pay as you go ( deposit 40€ )
-5€ each person for the Extra Training.
What are you waiting for?

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