Focusing, healing and Living Compassionately

Thursday  4 April  2019  6:00 PM    Sunday  7 April  2019 4:00 PM
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Healing and life enriching flow
A Foundation course on Focusing
Living Compassionately and NVC Flow
What does it mean to come into 'safe relationship with' rather than being a 'hostage to' distressed parts in us? How different would your life be if you had a sense of relief and spaciousness around chronic or acute issues? This experiential and life program retreat offers a friendly, supportive and safe environment to explore practical skills from Non-Violent Communication and Focusing.
Focusing to Companion trauma, vulnerability, distressed, sad, and raw places.
FOCUSING FOR NVC Practitioners
NVC offers a profoundly deep way to connect to others and build community. Although NVC offers a way of self connection, it is not unusual in my observation to note that some practitioners are still subject to overwhelm and are often frustrated by continuing and persistent underlying emotional states related to relationship with their feelings.
For NVCers, Focusing can offer a much needed aspect in the process of deepening connection with feeling, or rather what lies behind and around feelings that really invites attention. The ability to come into a full grounded place with the sensing body offers a fuller context for forward movement and for the fresh edge to emerge even around trauma related issues in a safe and nurturing context.
Shifting from ‘Trauma Informed Care’ to ‘Healing Centered Engagement’, Focusing is a unique approach offering a sensitive and gentle way into in-depth Healing prioritising safety through grounded presence and a Companion.
This respectful process follows our natural energies allowing for a nurturing safety to grow where we can be supported and enabled to have a safe and spacious inner relationship.
*invite safety with a shift from constriction and overwhelm into Grounded Presence.
*Explore the meaning of Fresh edge and Forward movement.
*Make friends with your inner critic.
*Appreciate you have resources always available, at all times, no prerequisites necessary.
*Learn experiential approaches to accompany others in their healing process.
Unique to the process is Simon with his extensive Focusing, Mindfulness and NVC experience who also draws and shares from his own journey from trauma to a safe and spacious grounded way of being.
The Retreat is part of a series of retreats that run throughout the year on NVC and Focusing certified trainings.
These 3 days will count as NVC&Focusing certified training days and also count as CPD hours for your therapeutic/educational year trainings and growth.
Personal Profiles
Simon ‘K2’ McKibbin
• Cambridge University Associate & Certified Mindfulness Trainer
• Certified NVC Trainer
• BFA Certified Focusing Teacher
I met Eugene Gendlin on Summer School at Garrison in about 2000 and was touched by the humanity and humility he displayed which endeared me to him both as a Human Being and as a tremendous inspiration to explore Focusing. I have, I believe, benefited more from Focusing than any other paradigm for transformation which is based on the body’s innate and natural ability to receive it’s own healing and forward movement when brought into a safe and resonant relationship with self and others.
I combine Focusing with elements of Non-Violent Communication NVC and Mindfulness to further enrich the natural process of healing and community
More on Simon and one to one
About the Host and support Facilitator: Marta Fabregat
• MA Social & Community Mediation
• Plant and Herbal Medicine Healing practice
• Facilitator at An Tionól Creative & Compassionate Living Centre
I trained as a social mediator, and in conflict resolution, NVC & Focusing, community development and facilitation. I love hosting - holding space, and healing in nature gives this course an exciting blend of elements to accompany the NVC & Focusing process as a community adventure.
An Tionól Cottage´s natural environment, with a strong presence of an Irish oak forest and its respectful approach to learning, is the vessel that holds us together as a community. It is our intention to continue opening space for new, fresh ways of communicating, connecting and being in the world.
Price for residential retreat :
If low income/unemployed € 420
If in Comfortable position € 500
- Accommodation in shared wooden cabins
- 3 home-organic grown and cooked meals each day and snacks, tea and coffee available at all times.
- Handouts & materials
- Expenses, trainers travel expenses, administration etc.
- Training and ongoing accompaniment while at the retreat.
For more information or bookings contact us:

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