FREE - Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience - Open Event - GALWAY

Friday  23 August  2019  7:00 PM    Friday  23 August  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 24/08/2019

You are very welcome to come along to our next Open Event in Galway.

This is an opportunity to find out more about the benefits of learning coaching skills with a professional qualification from Positive Success Group. We develop, coach and mentor some of Europe’s leading coaches and meet the highest standards of developing and training both nationally and internationally.

Find out more about the Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience, about coaching and about us. 

"Even if you never had any intention of becoming a PROFESSIONAL coach, still do this course. The learnings can be applied to EVERY ASPECT of your life and help you to create more MEANINGFUL relationships and a happier you. I would HIGHLY recommend it."Paula. PSG Student

"Go for it – it’s a GREAT experience and will help you to DEVELOP as a person and OPEN many doors into the future both personally and professionally. One of the best things I have ever done for sure." John Phelan. PSG Student

Who should attend?

If you want any or all of these then this course may be just what you’re looking for…

  • To learn practitioner level coaching skills

  • To become a coach

  • Significant personal development

  • Work that is fulfilling and rewarding

  • To help others

  • To help yourself

  • To find something you have a passion for

  • A professional coaching qualification

  • A nationally and internationally recognised qualification

  • Experiential learning

  • Real-world case studies

  • The latest tools and techniques

  • Our experience of running the course since 2003

  • Comprehensive support

An Insight into the Executive and Life Coaching Diploma - For more about the course and to hear what the students have to say.

An Insight into the Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience - For more about the course and to hear what the students have to say.


"Taking part in this course and with the EXCELLENT facilitator, I have learned so much. It ENTHUSED me further, to push myself forward even more. It gave me such a POSITIVE outlook in what I can do professionally and personally. It has been a FABULOUS way to learn how to live BETTER." Celine

"The content covered ENABLED our learning – the course was broken down nicely into MANAGEABLE and reasonable projects and students gained CONFIDENCE in coaching skills with each weekend session." D. Karen Willis.

"Attend if you love people or want to help you UNDERSTAND yourself and people more and its very likely that you will make a positive DIFFERENCE and continue to do so if you KEEP UP the learning." Diploma Student

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