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Last update 31/12/2018

Join the IDFPA!  Renewal for 2018 now open.  New members also very welcome, and membership will be valid from date of payment through to 2018.

Any queries and for groups of 10 or more please get in contact with

IDFPA Ltd policy on Drug Abuse and Control

The association condemns the dangers of strength inducing drugs, including anabolic steroids, natural hormones or stimulants, etc. The Association offers life time natural athletes the opportunity to develop and compete in a drug free environment. The list of banned substances is decided by the IDFPA & WADA lists. This Association pursues a policy of in and out of competition drug testing. 10% of competition participants will be tested and their names and the results (positive or not) will be published publicly. Any member found guilty of having ever promoted the use of, dealt in, or ingested banned substances will be expelled. Positive tests for anabolic or related compounds will result in a lifetime ban (subject to appeal) with the automatic loss of any previously set records or titles. 

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