International Mojito Festival - Dublin

Friday  24 August  2018  12:00 PM    Sunday  26 August  2018 6:00 AM
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Last update 27/08/2018

????What is The international Mojito Festival?????

Take a moment to imagine: A perfect summer night, music playing, friends are dancing, and a refreshing mojito in your hand. ????

The International Mojito Festival is a weekend to forget what makes us different, and focus on what we have in common: The Mojito! People from all over the world will stop what they are doing for one weekend to celebrate life, love and summer.

So raise your glass here in Dublin, as the French raise theirs in Paris, the Belgians theirs in Brussels, and the Ukrainians toast to you in Kiev, because we all are a little Cuban tonight! ????

Official venues for the weekend celebration will be announced soon. Want to stay in the loop? Feel free to like our page, and don't forget to invite your best drinking mate! ????????????????

Mojito Passes allow you to enjoy at least 30% discount on Mojitos, at all the selected venues, throughout the entire festive weekend! The passes cost £5 (£6 in London) and are now available to be purchased at - ????

The International Mojito Festival’s team is honoured to host you.

Please drink responsibly.????
Venues reserve the right to allow entry.

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Dublin, Ireland