Knowing, Living & Connecting NVC & Safety in Trauma Relationship

Thursday  4 April  2019    Thursday  4 April  2019
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Recurring event

Residential Ireland (4 long weekends)
Presence, Connection, and Healing through Relationship
4 extended weekends through 2019 convenient cheap flights from most UK cities to Shannon, Eire - 1 hour from venue in beautiful County Galway.
This course is based on the skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), as pioneered by Marshall Rosemberg.
There are four modules held between February and September 2019, each one a residential event held at An Tionol Cottage - Creative & Compassionate Living Centre near Gort in county Galway.
The twelve days of the training count towards CNVC certification. All modules are led by Sinhaketu with Marta Fabregat as host and co-facilitator.
Trauma, vulnerability, distressed, sad, raw places and nvc
We all have our edges of challenge, we don’t necessarily need to be in touch with Trauma! This Year will provide you with extensive approaches to create resilience, creativity, safety and forward flow in your life.
Shifting from Trauma Informed Care to Healing Centred Engagement, NVC offers a paradigm for Community and connection to play its role needed in depth Healing, allowing for a nurturing safety to grow where we can be supported and enabled to have a safe and spacious inner relationship.
Unique to the process is Simon with his extensive NVC experience who also draws and shares from his own journey from trauma to a safe and spacious grounded way of being.
What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?
NVC was developed on the premise of a simple and powerful question: why do some people continue to act compassionately, even when deeply challenged? NVC, with an extensive international reputation is used in the areas of mediation, parenting, education, conflict resolution, psychotherapy, and social change to name but a few.
Who will benefit?
Open to people of all levels of NVC skill and experience, from beginners to teachers.
What’s on offer?
This is a real opportunity for personal and community transformation, getting to the roots of change and learning how to hold issues with compassionate means through deep listening and sharing in a wonderful community setting with real support.
 Come home to yourself with real inner healing
 Communication skills to improve or transform relationships at home and work.
 Learn to use NVC so you can help and support others.
 Enjoy community and making new friends whilst offering and gaining support & learning
 Experience and create a vision of kind of world you want to live in.
The course will offer a certificate of attendance and is valid as a contribution towards your cnvc certification process if this is your intention
Module One: Creating Safety through Embodiment and Needs Awareness
Thurs 14 – Sun 17 February 2019
 Focusing on Needs (Healing centred) for Safety & Confidence
 Presence: Foundation practice for Grounded Embodiment
Safety through Grounded and Embodied NVC
 Community as matrix for Support, Healing and Wellbeing
 Elements of the NVC Dance Floor
Module Two: Connection & Relationship for Healing
Thurs 4 – Sun 7 April 2019
 Meeting our Inner Critic Compassionately
 Deepening Presence
 Self-empathy and Companioning
 Focusing within and empathic listening skills
 Grounded Aware Presence for Safety as the core paradigm
Module Three: Living Presence in NVC
Thurs 27 to Sun 30 June 2019
 Healing through Presence
 Expressing and receiving dance
 Meeting conflict creating Harmony
 Deepening NVC Community practice
Module Four: Only Connect
Thurs 19 – Sun 22 September 2019
 Compassionate Connecting the inner and outer flow
 Presence Healing Meditation
 13 step dance floor: integration and wholeness
 Looking outwards NVC: Community support beyond the group
Unique Attributes of Course: The location is supportive of wellbeing based in beautiful natural settings with organic home cooked foods, and a wonderfully warm community feel and connection.
Interim Support between Modules: Zoom for ongoing learning and connection.
Notes: Key Differentiations and overview CNVC certification process
Hear Ron’s NVC Galway Year Long Course experience:
Hear the inspirations of former participants & meet Simon and Marta:
Course Dates Listed
Knowing, Learning & Connecting NVC 2019
Module 1: 14th till 17th February
Module 2: 4th to 7th April
Module 3: 27th to 30th June
Module 4: 19th to 22nd September
All modules start with a meal at 18.30 on the Thursday and finish at 16.00 on the Sunday
This is an intimate setting with only 12 places. The bookings are on a first come first served basis.
General Information
You will be invited to form Empathy Groups that will meet daily during the modules and continue in the times between the courses
Daily Programme
8.30 Breakfast
10.00 Morning session
13.30 Lunch and free time.
15.00 – 16.00 Empathy Groups.
16.15 Afternoon session
19.00 Evening meal.
20.15 Creative activities; Singing and dancing, etc.
Training Prep: Read Marshall’s book Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life
Contact me for a digital copy I can send as an attachment through email.
One fee for all four modules of the Year Training.
The fee includes
 Tuition
 Materials, including handouts
 Vegetarian food
 Accommodation
 Community Zoom ongoing support Sessions in between Modules
We offer a sliding scale, to make it more accessible depending on your financial means:
Benefits or low-waged: Euro 1,700
Moderately comfortable: Euro 2000
A non refundable deposit of 30% is payable prior to the course module 1 attendance (i.e. 600 euro or 510 euro). Your place is secure after this booking payment.
A choice of 4 equal payments (one payment per module) is then an option or full payment up front.
Watch this Inspiring personal testimonial on NVC practice:
Contact Marta Fabregat +353 872031764 -
Simon McKibbin + 44 7974817393
How to apply: Complete the booking form we will send you by email on interest.
Special needs: Please let us know if you have any special needs or diet considerations;
Contact Marta on
Facilitiator Profiles: Simon McKibbin and Marta Fabregat
Simon ‘K2’ McKibbin
Cambridge University Mindfulness Associate & Certified Mindfulness Trainer. Certified NVC Trainer. BFA Certified Focusing Teacher
I met Marshal Rosenberg in 2004 and was moved by watching him being empathic with a person who was in severe distress - concluding with a sense of deeper healing and calm. On the basis of this meaningful and deep experience I became inspired to commit myself to the path of certification in NVC.
I believe NVC learning should be fun as well as meaningful for individual growth and deep community experience. I am also a certified trainer in the fields of Mindfulness and Focusing with 30 years of personal practise.
Combining elements of Focusing and Mindfulness into the program adds a richness and depth allowing for a more embodied and deeper NVC experience.
Marta Fabregat
MA Social & Community Mediator Skills. Plant and Herbal Medicine Specialist. Facilitator at An Tionól Creative & Compassionate Living Centre
I trained as a social mediator, and in conflict resolution, community development and facilitation. I love hosting - holding a space, and healing in nature gives this course an exciting blend of elements to accompany the NVC process as a community adventure.
An Tionól Cottage´s natural environment, with a strong presence of an Irish oak forest and its respectful approach to learning, is the vessel that holds us together as a community. It is our intention to continue opening space for new, fresh ways of communicating, connecting and being in the world.
Hear the inspirations of former participants:
Marshall Rosenberg founder NVC inspirational sharing:
The purpose of Nonviolent Communication:

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