Buddha Kashyapa's Relic in Dublin 7/2018

Sat, 14 Jul 2018 - Sat, 14 Jul 2018
16:00 - 18:00

Buddha Kashyapa's Relic in Dublin 7/2018
Time: Saturday 14th of July 2018, 4-6 pm
Place: ST. MARY'S PRIORY, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24, Ireland.
Organiser: Open Heart Sangha, www.en.openheart.fi
Admission: Optional donation
Info (no need to register beforehand): Jonathan O'Donovan, jodonova@gmail.com
Open Heart Sangha is proud to present a precious dharma event in Dublin, Ireland. Buddha Kashyapa's relic or ringsel (skt. sharira) will be on public display at one of our events. Everyone is welcome to come see and feel it. Being in the presence of an authentic relic is like being in the presence of a living buddha so relic viewing is considered highly beneficial.
Buddha Kashyapa is the previous buddha before Buddha Shakyamuni, who is considered the founder of buddhism. Because Shakyamuni lived over 2500 years ago, not much is known about Kashyapa's life.
The relic in display is a ”child pill” of a ”mother pill” that has come down from Guru Padmasambhava to Chokgyur Lingpa, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and Erik Pema Kunsang. Letter of authenticity can be found at our website:
Depending how many people show up, it will be possible for visitors to hold the relic (closed inside a small stupa) personally at the altar for 1-2 minutes. Assistants will help you if necessary. If many people come, one can simply meditate and absorb the blessings radiating from the relic.
Awakening Intensive: The relic viewing is part of a weekend event that begins on Friday evening with Awakening Intensive from 6-8 pm at the same vanue. The intensive is open to all, admission 25€. Find more info about the Two-Part Formula and awakening from our website: http://www.en.openheart.fi/113
City Retreat: Both the relic viewing and Awakening Intensive are part of a City Retreat organised by the Open Heart Sangha. We will have guided meditations (nonmeditation, dzogchen) and tantric Guru Yoga both Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. All are welcome to join! Find info and fees from the calendar at our website: http://www.en.openheart.fi/32

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