Design Sprint Facilitator Workshop on Jake Knapp's Process (How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just 5 Days)

Tue, 13 Feb 2018
09:30 - 18:00


  • How many meetings and discussions does it take before you can be sure you have the right solution?
  • What's the most important place to focus your effort, and how do you start?
  • What will your idea look like in real life?

Entrepreneurs and leaders face big questions every day. Now there's a surefire way to answer these important questions; the SPRINT. Jake Knapp created the five-day process at Google, where sprints were used on everything from Google Search to Google X.  

“The Design Sprint work shop with Rohan and Raomal was really excellent. The hands-on approach to learning, and obvious passion for the subject shine through the whole day. I look forward to applying my this new technique and running our first sprint in MoneyMate” - Ronan Brennan, CTO, MoneyMate

"The Design Sprint workshop provided us with a solid framework for creating, curating and realising ideas. Together we cut through the complexity and generate workable solutions which can quickly make their way into our customer's hands. I would highly recommend this" - Mark Foley, UI/UX Design Lead, Poppulo

You may have noticed Facebook's updated Newsfeed. This was a direct result of a Sprint. Design Sprints are used for updating existing products as well as creating and testing new ones. Here's a medium post from one of their lead designers

The Irish Independent covers a story of Savioke, is a case study mentioned in the Sprint book

Blue Bottle Coffee is valued at $700 million due to Néstle acquiring a majority stake in them. Before they ran a Sprint they were not selling outside of the U.S. They ideated and tested their new website using this process with Jake Knapp

This is a Game Changer for your company. Learn how to facilitate an internal Design Sprint. 

LEAN DISRUPTOR will run a one-day Facilitator workshop on Jake Knapp's SPRINT process (How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just 5 Days) on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Chartered Accountants House, Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Facebook, Slack, Savioke, Bluebottle Coffee, Lego have all run very successful Sprints using the Jake Knapp's Sprint process. In this workshop, you will be taking part in a Sprint. We are condensing the 5 days into one day! We will bring you through every step of the process along with teaching you how to facilitate your own internal Sprints.

About Rohan Perera:
Rohan Perera is an advocate of Jake Knapp's (Author of SPRINT, How to SOLVE Big Problem and TEST New Ideas in Just FIVE Days) SPRINT process. Rohan attended Jake's first two workshops in Bologna and Berlin. Soon after that, he was a guest designer at an AJ & Smart Design Sprint (Berlin). Rohan has facilitated Design Sprints and is an evangelist of this game-changing methodology.

About Raomal Perera:
Raomal Perera is a veteran of multiple entrepreneurial ventures and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD and UCD where he currently teaches and studies entrepreneurship, innovation and the management of rapidly growing companies. 

Raomal co-founded two technology companies; ISOCOR was listed on NASDAQ in 1996 and subsequently acquired by Critical Path in 1999. Network365 acquired US company iPin and formed Valista in 2003. Valista was acquired by Aepona in 2009 and Aepona was acquired by Intel in 2013.

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Chartered Accountants House

47-49 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland


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Chartered Accountants House

47-49 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland
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