Thérèse Rafter - Reflective Judgments Exhibition

Thu, 05 Jul 2018 - Thu, 12 Jul 2018
20:00 - 23:00

Hen’s Teeth are excited to announce a new exhibition with Irish photographer Thérèse Rafter.
Thérèse’s new collection, Reflective Judgments, explores the culture of ‘throwaway living’. Seeking to reveal the spectacular in the mundane, she offers imagery that is both
provocative and unsettling in its interpretation of human habit. Manmade yet void of
human presence, the vivid still-life depictions inspire contemplation on the philosophy of beauty.
This marks our second collaboration with Thérèse, after we worked with the RHA 2017 Emerging Photographer for our 60X60 exhibition. A limited-edition range of prints of Thérèse’s works will be available for the duration of the exhibition.
The exhibition will take place at Hen’s Teeth, 13 Fade Street, from 5-12 July
Speaking about the exhibition, Thérèse said: “This series is an exploration of waste. The role plastic plays in daily life is often overlooked. As a material, it’s pretty amazing – lightweight, flexible, and cheap to produce. But there’s also a sinister side. It’s unclear how long plastic takes to biodegrade. Scientists have estimated from 400 years to never. More than 40% of all plastic produced is single-use. Reflective Judgments, which takes its name from Immanuel Kant’s writings on the philosophy of aesthetics, explores our culture of throw-away living.”

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13 Fade Street, Dublin, Ireland D2

13 fade street, dublin, ireland d2


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13 Fade Street, Dublin, Ireland D2

13 fade street, dublin, ireland d2
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