Improve your speed - Interval training for runners.

Wed, 11 Jul 2018
17:00 - 18:45

Meeting at Chesterfield Avenue opposite the zoo every week for a session to improve speed and stamina for runners. Not for absolute beginners but if you can run 5K in less than 35 minutes you will be fine.

We will mix it up with alternate weeks of intervals at the entrance of the zoo and Khyber hill reps the other weeks. To make it easy for you we will post plan for each week, but we will aim for:

• Every first and third week of the month: Intervals with one session 400 m intervals and one session intervals with varying lengths

• Every second and fourth week of the month: Hills

Intervals and hill reps are one of the best ways to improve your speed and stamina whatever your abilities or experience. It is used by everyone from beginners to experienced runners to push the body past its normal limits for short periods of time and then allowing it recover by returning to a slow jog or even walk. This is then repeated a number of times during the training session and over weeks measured speed and time will improve.

The details of the intervals will be posted close to the meetup.

Total time for the intervals should be under 30 min excluding the warm ups..

All sessions will start with stretching, a slow warm up jog and an explanation of the plan for the evening. You can ask the volunteer any questions you may have.

Sessions will last no longer that 30 min and there is no charge. Hope you will come out and join us.


Location map on the website is wrong but the correct meetup point is

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