Irish VR & 3D Camp July Meetup

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 - Thu, 12 Jul 2018
16:30 - 20:00

Registration *ONLY* through Eventbrite.

Our July meetup will feature presentations, demos and discussions. More details to follow soon but our first presentation to be announced is -

(1) How Fully Immersive VR is Transforming Healthcare Training

"The demands of surgical training go beyond just virtual visual experiences. Surgeons and physicians are looking for fully immersive, multi-sensory virtual environments. Combine real patient data, real case scans, real surgical instruments and realistic haptic and tactile feel; then immerse this in a Virtual Operating Room and this will be the game changer."

Brad Wrigley is the COO and a Co-founder of Marion Surgical, a Cork and Toronto based company.

Brad comes from 20+ yrs working in the BPO Consulting and Tech Industry (but still claims not to be a techie).

Marion Surgical was formed to address the real problem of truly and accurately simulating surgical training in a VR OR. Their simulator solution combines a hardware layer using haptic robotics, medical instruments and Oculus headset and a software/cloud layer providing multiple and customizable VR operating experiences to surgeons. See how it works here.

Marion Surgical's first product launched in May 2018 at the AUA conference in San Francisco.

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Kings Building,

May Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 1,, Dublin, IE


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Kings Building,

May Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 1,, Dublin, IE
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