The Ladder - Learn Google Design Sprints while solving Real problems

Tue, 27 Nov 2018 - Tue, 27 Nov 2018
16:45 - 21:00

Imagine if we could solve the world's problems at a local level at the same rate we solve technology problems at a global level? That is the purpose of "The Ladder" - learn Google Design Sprints, while solving real problems for local non-profits and communities and help the urgent planet goal to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Join our meet-up every Tuesday at Dogpatch, Dublin 7-9pm.

Note: You will need to click on this link to get a ticket so we can plan numbers. Thank you.

// What you will learn

(The workshop can be joined at any time, but you'll get the most out of it by attending all 5 weeks. If you can't attend see below for online and custom workshops)

In this free interactive workshop, you will learn the skills and methods necessary to plan and execute your own Design Sprint - and be eligible for certification- while directly helping non-profits, charities and social enterprises solve critical problems .

We'll guide you along the way to ensure you can run your own design sprint a with tips on how you can incorporate these techniques in unique ways within your team and organization. We will cover detailed aspects of the Google Ventures Sprint Method and will lead you through each of the stages of the process.

This group runs through a full design sprint on building a real product for a non-profit, charity or social enterprise over 6 weeks (each night represents about 1 day of a design sprint). You can drop in at any time as each session begins with an overview.

The outcome is that you will be a Design Sprint Practitioner - while doing some real work helping a needy charity or an early stage start-up.

What you get:
* CDST Training and be Design Sprint Certification ready
* The knowledge that you have helped a non-profit, community directly or indirectly
* Pre requisites completed for CDSF - certified facilitator.

// Who should attend

Anyone interested in innovation, process (or teaching it), designers, product managers, product owners, marketers, developers, social entrepreneurs can leverage this methodology to drive meaningful change. Founders, team leads, product managers, marketers, engineers, designers, non-profits and .gov folks can all benefit. No prior experience is necessary.

// Our speakers
Colm Byrne
Colm Byrne is product manager and owner of the digital agency Flout.IO . he has created his own start-ups and helped Apple, JP Morgan, The AA, 118, Paddy Power Betfair and the guys who invented the hula hoop - build ground-breaking products.

Ruta Danyte
Ruta Danyte is an interdisciplinary communicator. She blends together creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, and communities. Her projects explore human development in the idea age. Connect with Ruta at

Francesco Alioso
Francesco is design-obsessed with an eye for detail and beauty developed from a foundation in modern Italian furniture design and a childhood spent hacking toys and building machines. As professional web designer with over 15 years experience, he now applies his cross-disciplinary skills to serve new frontiers in social

Mardea Gartree
Project manager and board member of a non profit organisation in her community in Laois. Mardea understands the challenges and issues affecting non-profits in local communities.

Kevin O’Connell
Kevin has over twenty five years’ experience working in Industrial Design, model making and prototyping, e-learning and web technologies. Has recently become immersed in the black art of user experience - making it easier for people to interact with technology.

// What if I can't attend?
The ladder provides on-site training and sprint facilitation to your company.

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CHQ, Dublin, IE
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