LGBT Rounders - Thursday July 12th

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 - Thu, 12 Jul 2018
17:00 - 20:00

As we're due the last of the great weather our next rounders is this Thursday 12th July.

We'll play a few games of Rounders in the sun (Hopefully) and head into Panti after.

Wet & Wild is an LGBT+ outdoor pursuits and social club based in Ireland.

Rounders is the ideal event to attend as an intro to the club. Please feel free to bring a friend along with you for the evening and don’t forget a large bottle of water.

This event is weather permitting, so please check on the event and Facebook page closer to the time of the event

The Rules!

4 bases on the rounder field. To score a person must run from base to base until they do a full circle touching each base to get back home. For every person you get "Home" you get one point. If you run to all 4 bases and then back to home again in one go it's a "Home Run" which is 3 points. We'll split the group into 2 teams and try get 2 games in. You cannot throw a ball until the previous ball is back to home base. Once you hit the ball you have to run! Only one person from your team can be at one base at a time. If two people are on the same base, the person running to the base is out.

If you are on the outfield team your objective is to stop the running team scoring runs. You can do this by:

• Catching the ball without it bouncing will send all players from the running team home without scoring. The ball can be caught in one or two hands.
• Hitting homebase with the ball will send all players not at a base home without scoring.
• Hitting (gently) the person that is running with the ball will send the runner home without scoring.
• Hitting the base that the person is running to with the ball will send the runner home without scoring.


If you are coming from the main gate of Phoenix Park, go straight on through the first round about. After the round about take the first left. (This is a small lane opposite the pedestrian road to the entrance of the Zoo) Continue on down that road to the very end to a car park, you will pass a cricket club on your left and the Citadel Pond to your right. Meeting place will be by the entrance to the pitches beside the GAA grounds. See photo below with exactly where we meet!

We will finish off in Pantibar for a few beverages.

Hope to see you there

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Phoenix Park

Dublin 8, Dublin, IE


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Phoenix Park

Dublin 8, Dublin, IE
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