Networking for Young Professionals

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 - Thu, 12 Jul 2018
19:00 - 21:00

Do you fear networking?
Do you know why networking is so important?
Networking Expert Derek Reilly is going to cover a number of different elements to take the fear out of networking. From first impressions, body language, getting in and more importantly out of conversations and understanding why are you networking in the first place. Derek will also cover the long lost art of listening which will all lead to a better return on your invested networking time.
Book now to grab your chance! Limited slot available.
-- About the speaker: Derek Reilly
Derek Reilly is a highly respected leader within JCI with a proven track-record of working and developing young people in Ireland and internationally. In JCI Ireland, Derek has excellent people and project management skills and in his time on JCI Ireland leadership team we have increased the membership base by 50%.
In JCI Derek established JCI Mayo in 2011, won Most Outstanding Local JCI President in 2012 and was a JCI Ireland National President for 2014. In 2015, Derek was a Councillor in European Development Council looking after 8 European countries. Derek is now the Local President for JCI Dublin. This position also allows him to sit on the council for Dublin Chamber of Commerce.
Outside of JCI, Derek is an active member of Dublin Lions Club. In a professional capacity, Derek works for the world's No 1 jobs website Indeed. Derek also delivers training / consulting on the topics of sales and networking to individuals and organizations. He has spoken in numerous countries on 3 continents.

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sir john rogerson's quay, dublin, ireland d2


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sir john rogerson's quay, dublin, ireland d2
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