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Fri, 29 Jun 2018 - Fri, 13 Jul 2018

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) was formed in 1959 by Muslim students.
The society is registered as a Friendly Society and as a charitable organization. The Society established the first mosque in Ireland in 1976. It also helped to establish mosques in other cities in Ireland.
The headquarters of the Foundation is currently at the Dublin Mosque and Islamic Centre, 163 South Circular Road, Dublin 8. The Islamic Foundation of Ireland has been the official representative of Muslims in Ireland since its inception. It looks after the religious, educational and social needs of Muslims in Ireland.
The Dublin Mosque is a Waqf project that was set up in 1959 that was contributed by the body of Islamic Authority in Ireland and the muslim community
The initial expansions of the mosque began in 2004
In the mosque, Quran schools will be established which is an important aspect of the project, but more generally and importantly, the space provided will also help in contributing more space for worshipers in the mosque during Friday congregations, Taraweeh prayer and Eid
Currently IFI runs three part-time Quranic school for children aged between 4 to 16 years in the evenings on weekdays and on weekends. They are thought in a limited space and often the classes are interrupted or sometimes cancelled due to clashes with other activities in the mosque. The available space in the mosque is insufficient to accommodate all children and for this reason classrooms are hired from a nearby national school
The purpose of the proposed expansion is to construct a building for the education of children and this extra space will also provide multifunctional purposes and services, from activities and projects for members of the community
The cost of the project is 750,000 euros and we hope to raise €500,000 during the year 2018 inshaAllah
Alhamdulillah we are at €126,000 at the moment and we need your help to reach the target
Planning application was made to the Dublin City Council and planning permission for the project was obtained in May 2015. This can seen in the notice board in the Dublin Mosque
There will be the opportunity to give the charity on behalf of your mother or father as a long term charity that seizes to end, till the day of Judgement (Also known as Waqf).
If you are in any position to help us with this project please do, all contribution is highly appreciated.
You can either do it online or lodge to
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AIB bank
Account name: Islamic Foundation of Ireland
Account: 19680059
Sort: 931020
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163, South Circular Road, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 8

163 south circular road, dublin, ireland


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163, South Circular Road, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 8

163 south circular road, dublin, ireland
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