Sales Pipeline Training Course

Fri, 10 Aug 2018 - Fri, 10 Aug 2018
09:30 - 16:30

Course Description

DSM Sales Pipeline and Forecasts Course Belfast helps sales professionals apply solid, fact-based analysis of their pipeline. The course helps develop the sales team’s ability to assess the health of the pipeline and to correctly forecast through matrix scoring each opportunity. The attendee will learn to diagnose when sales are stalling and how to reengage the prospect to close the opportunity.

The sales team will be able to accurately see which stage each opportunity is at, assess if there are enough opportunities in the pipeline to achieve their goals as well as understanding if certain contacts need more attention.

By accurately analysing the sales pipeline sales professionals can dramatically increase the quality of leads they are pursuing or to drop less profitable opportunities.

What will you gain from the day?

The course has been designed over one (1) day to give an understanding of sales pipelines and forecasts. The course will cover the following areas;

  • Identify what matrix criteria is required to have a subjective pipeline that give’s realistic fact-based results.
  • Create and measure a link for each stage in the pipeline process with Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) benchmarks.
  • Understand generic health problems with the pipeline using benchmark scoring and how to implement solutions to keep the forecast on track.
  • Communicate the pipeline potentials to senior management and directors
  • Statistically analyse which sales practises are working to close opportunities on-time and early.
  • Train the sales team to communicate all potential opportunities they have and gain buy-in from the team

Who has the course been designed for?

  • Sales Director’s / Sales Vice President
  • Business Development Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Master Production Scheduler

Trainers Background

Stephen McComb has almost 25 years’ experience in International Sales and has opened both Public and Private sector accounts throughout the world. Stephen bases his courses on his “real-world experiences and mixes it with theory to give each sales person a blended approach to help them understand the sales process and to sell more. Stephen has sold extensively to business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), public Tenders and reverse tender auctions. Stephen counts his achievements as opening multi-million-pound accounts with Marks & Spence Plc, Cathy Pacific Airline, Marriott Hotels and the US Government.

In Stephens own words he says, "to be successful in sales you must first listen to what the customer wants and then provide a solution. All too often sales people have a script they recite and never stop to ask the customer what is it that they need or want".

What should you bring?

All training material will be provided so you don’t need to bring anything other than a willingness to learn.


Delegates who fully attend the course will receive a certificate on the course completion.

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