Seating Assessment & Solutions Level 1 - 3 Days - 11th - 13th February 2019

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 - Wed, 13 Feb 2019
08:45 - 05:00

The assessment and provision of suitable seating and wheelchair devices to service users can be a challenging activity for all those involved. Correctly prescribed equipment can enhance a person’s daily life, their health and posture. Here at SeatTech we have developed a 3-Day Training course for people working in the field of seating and mobility in order to enable them to develop their skills in seating assessment and provision and to increase their knowledge of this important area of practice.

Who should attend Level One Training ? 

This training course is ideal for Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Clinical Engineers and others working in the domain of wheelchair and seating provision and postural management. 

Course Presenters 

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Clinical Engineering members of the SeatTech team will be delivering this training. Each trainer has many years experience working in the field of seating and mobility.

 Course Objectives

  •   To provide participants with knowledge of the basicprinciples of seating and related mobility

  •   To provide an overview of the importance of 24 hour postural management as a fundamental approach     to maintaining health and function, not least seating and mobility

  •  To increase course participant’s confidence in their ability to manage the seating and mobility       assessment and provision process

  •  To provide participants with an understanding of the methods, tools and language used in the process

  •  To give an overview of general solutions to meet the more common seating and mobility challenges

  •  To promote best practice

 Course Content

This three-day course will include interactive presentations and hands-on activities.

Modules will include….

  • Considerations for maintaining or enhancing independence.

  •  Posture … what are we trying to achieve?

  •  Recognising the importance of all-day positioning.

  •  Anatomical and bony landmarks

  •  How we sit (Biomechanics)

  •  Assessment and measurement

  •  Gathering findings and objective setting

  •  Solutions to generic problems.

  •  Linking challenges and solutions to general conditions



What's the refund policy?

There is a no refund policy - however if in extenuating circumstances we may consider individual requests. Please contact  


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