Talks Meetup #11

Thu, 12 Jul 2018
04:30 - 07:30

On July 12th we'd like to welcome you to the next Angular Dublin Talks meetup!

=== Agenda

• 18:30 Doors open / Networking & Drinks
• 19:00 Intro
• 19:10 Talk #1
• 19:30 Talk #2
• 20:00 Break / Pizza
• 20:20 Talk #3
• 20:50 Raffle
• 21:00 Drinks (TBA)

=== Talk & Speaker Details

Talk #1: Event throttling with RxJS in Angular 6, dynamic throttling, and throttle configuration, by Brian Bishop

A demo application will be presented to help visualize how throttling affects Angular change detection and event processing.

Bonus: some practical hints and tips on services and abstract classes

Brian is a UI developer at BarracudaFX.

Talk #2: Microfrontends With Angular 6 & 7, by Eamon O'Tuathail

Full stack developers have been successfully using microservices server-side for a few years and now they would like to apply that architecture client-side, an approach known as microfrontends.

In some ways microfrontends are similar to microservices: a clear need to break up a monolith application, allow different parts of a large app to evolve and be deployed at their own pace, perhaps using distinct foundational technologies. In other ways, they are different: microservices can run separately in data centres on a (e.g. Kubernetes) container cluster, whereas we wish a set of microfrontends to run isolated in a web browser and yet appear to end-users to be a single integrated interactive application, with some shared capabilities.

In this talk we start by reviewing W3C Web Components - a set of standards that allow components to be produced and consumed by different web frameworks (or different versions of the same framework). We also look at Angular Elements - new to Angular 6 - which allows the construction of web components using Angular. Then we explore microfrontends - what are they, how to best build them using Angular Elements and how to design large-scale web applications using them.

We conclude with a quick look at Render3/Ivy in Angular 7 (beta expected sooner), whose arrival means we will see much smaller Angular Element components and hence make the microfrontend approach even better.

Eamon O'Tuathail ( works for Clipcode ( where he provides specialist Angular training & consulting. He has written a detailed guided tour of the Angular source tree (

Eamon has worked across Europe as a software engineer, technical architect, project manager and trainer on projects covering cloud-based storage, engineering management systems, eCommerce portals, protocol design, large multithreaded high-throughput financial messaging, X.509 Certification Authority, aerospace visualisation, seismic imaging and lots more.

Talk #3: Experiences from NGXS, by Shane Healy

NGXS is a state management pattern and library for Angular. It acts as a single source of truth for your application's state, providing simple rules for predictable state mutations. In this talk Shane will speak about his experiences using the library and go through the steps for how to use it in your own Angular applications.

Shane Healy ( is the Frontend Team Lead for Roomex and has been working with AngularJS since V1.1 and Angular 2+ in production environments for over a year.

=== Sponsors

A big thanks to our sponsors:

Jet (
• Morgan McKinley (
• dotJS (
• JetBrains (

=== RSVPs

Please RSVP only if you can actually attend the event. Release your RSVP in case your plans change.

=== Raffle

We are giving out 2 JetBrains licenses for any product your choice. Winners must be present to win.

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40 Molesworth St, Dublin, IE


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40 Molesworth St, Dublin, IE
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