Movement & Mobility, Dublin

Movement & Mobility, Dublin
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Sat 27 July 2019
Saturday 27 July 2019
10:45 AM - 4:45 PM

A full day practical workshop to teach you about your body, learn how to assess yourself and give you longevity in your training.

What is the Movement and Mobility seminar?

I have worked for years to find "the best method" for increasing ranges of motion and strength. And the truth is, there is no “one true method” .....but there is a tonne of rubbish out there, and the hard part is knowing which direction for you to go. And that's where I want to help you.

Through my own experience I have worked with a wide range of people, as well as from rehabbing myself from a serious back injury and I want to bring you the stuff that actually works and give you the tools to continue improving your own body and your own training.

The Movement and Mobility seminar is suited to anyone and everyone. I have had coaches, athletes, physiotherapists, chiropractors, people with no flexibility, people with too much flexibility, people with no coordination all attend my courses and they all leave with something. Whether it is enhancing your own personal practice or improving how you work with others, the Movement and Mobility seminar is for you.

The seminar includes:

  • Learning how to assess your structure safely
  • How to avoid the fear of self-labelling with imbalances and dysfunctions
  • How to progressively build on progressions to attain skills like muscle ups, handstands, and pistol squats with bodyweight exercises and how learning those exercises properly can actually improve your mobility
  • How prevent silly injuries that are completely avoidable
  • How to focus on joint function rather than isolating muscles
  • How to build daily habits that will last you a lifetime and always make you stronger
  • How to start to experiment with your mobility practice and string movements together to increase your overall proprioception

On the day we cover range of movement for every part of your body. Things to look out for short and long term when it comes to injuries and prevention. Stability, flexibility, correct muscle activation and core strength all covered over many different cross disciplines.

We share the things that everyone missed and teach at an easy to understand practical level!

Some common questions:

1. I'm not flexible, should I attend?

YES! This is the perfect seminar for you, we give standards and goals for you to work towards which actually give you direction from where you are at now and things to look out for along the way.

2. I am really flexible, will I actually get anything from the seminar?

Totally! We show people how to control the ranges that they have too, a big focus of the entire day is to know how to create and increase tension - giving you more body control and strength to make your overall training way better!

3. I am a coach, is this just for beginners?

Coaches and physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors have all attended the seminar and have always taken something away from it. The best thing about the seminar is that people of all abilities and levels are all mixed together and it really helps give perspective on where someone has been and where they want to go. From the attendees own questions we all learn from each other and really begin to fill in the gaps in everyone's training.

4. I'm just in to running, I don't want to lift weights, is the seminar still for me?

Completely! There is more to running than meets the eye and learning how to look after all of your joints will help you to keep active well into your later years. There are multiple things that everyone needs to check mobility wise in order to be able to run safely, lower intensity exercise still causes injuries, it just takes a little longer and prevention is best. The best injury is the one you never get!

5. Is it really physical? I am not that fit!

There is a lot of moving and testing on the day but nothing too taxing! Function is our primary goal with the seminar so you will feel muscles in ways you have never felt them before.... but you're not going to be doing 500 burpees!

6. What if I cannot do any of the movements?

Not to worry at all! We give regressions for everything and during breaks and drills we will be walking around giving individual attention to everyone also! You will not be stuck for something to do!!

7. I'm currently injured, is there any point in me coming?

Totally! Yes you may not be able to take part in the practical parts but you will come away with a much better understanding of how your injury happened and compensations to look out for during your recovery! Tom learned all of his best information when being injured because of his shift in focus, you will really benefit from it.

8. What do I need to wear?

Just clothes for moving! You will have your shoes off for a small portion of the day so make sure your sock game is on point ????

9. Do you cover The Simplistic Mobility Method in the seminar?

Yes we go into a lot of the movements from SMM and why they are so important. You don't need to have the program to get the benefits from the seminar but it is common for people that have the program already, so you're already up to speed on the principles which always leads to brilliant eureka moments!

10. Will Tom take a picture with me?

Of course! Even though he is so famous and good looking.... he is actually a pretty nice guy and really welcomes any individual questions on the day, or even private messages after the seminar if there was something you forgot to ask! It is very informal and fun to keep everyone as engaged as possible the entire time!

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Unit 3c, Santry Hall Industrial Estate, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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