Healing & Integrating the Inner Child Workshop

Sat, 02 Dec 2017
10:00 - 17:00

This is a day of working with Therapist Mary O' Halloran and getting in touch with one’s Inner Child and finding a place of compassion and love for the part of us that is hurting or scared.

Our Inner Child has more of an influence over our lives than we may be consciously aware of. It is the child we once were, that hides its hurt, shame and fear and ‘continues to feels’ all the old experiences of disappointments, trauma, anger and sadness until we recognise and acknowledge it’s presence. integrate or transmute the old feelings.

We may not know that we have experienced trauma or hold on to memories of what may have been difficult situations. As young children, we are open and sensitive to the world around us and may have experienced some upset and hurt that remains unresolved. These experiences impact us and it is from this perspective we engage with daily life. Our subconscious and unconscious mind hold these memories and experiences and we react to life rather than responding or going with the flow.

Critical thoughts and judgements, unhealthy habits and behavioural patterns, fear of intimacy, panic and anxiety to name a few present in our lives because aspects of our Inner Child need our attention. That part of us that feels insecure, needs a hug, seeks approval, wants to be seen, wants to be heard, is key to healing that Inner Child in us. All the feelings that we supress can manifest as illness or self-sabotage and these misaligned energies can show up in our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies.

The good news is that the conditioning and patterns can be transformed, changed and integrated in a way that allows the Inner Child to feel much safer. During the workshop, Mary gently leads you through the memories that need to be acknowledged and released, at a rate and pace that is right for you. We learn to love and accept ourselves and find healthy new ways of building our self worth. We learn to create healthier boundaries and recognise our inner strength. When the inner child feels safe, the fun, creative side comes out to play. During this workshop, we learn skills and discover tools that support you to nurture your Inner Child on a regular basis and support your Inner Child to step fully into the Light. You learn to love yourself fully as you are, nurture and parent yourself. This process supports you to feel more whole and solid in the world and be in the joy of life.

In this workshop, we will create opportunities to:

· Transform patterns and core beliefs that hold us back.

· Move through our fear.

· Learn techniques for safely releasing our anger and sadness.

· Reclaim the right to embrace all our feelings.

· Communicate with our inner child.

· Access our innate abundance

Mary O’Halloran is a Holistic Therapist based in Co. Clare. Having trained in a number of modalities over the last 20 years, Mary combines these therapies intuitively in a way that supports each individual to access their full potential. During this workshop, Mary combines Cellular Memory Healing Techniques cellular with Stress management, nutrition, meditation, visualisation and mindfulness to bring about a shift in conscious awareness.

It is important to realise that cellular transformation is a delicate process and has a timing to it which is personal and unique to each individual.
This article is the copyright of Mary O'Halloran, Healing Journeys

The Investment is 70 Euro with a 20 deposit payable to secure your place. Numbers are limited to allow each person ample time.

For further information, contact Mary on maryohalloran@hotmail.com or 087 2830950 or check out her Facebook page Mary O Halloran Healing Journeys.

Instagram: healingjourneysireland

Mary works regularly in Angel Times in Ennis and Limerick, Rosses Point in Sligo, Amber Holistic Shop in Galway, Rathbeagh Farm Ballyragget in Kilkenny and Millstreet in Co Cork.

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Orchard Wellness Centre

1 St Anthony's Terrace, Harmony Row,, Ennis, Ireland


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Orchard Wellness Centre

1 St Anthony's Terrace, Harmony Row,, Ennis, Ireland
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