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More than any other country in Europe, Ireland is dotted with material reminders of its past. However, few people apart from specialists can visualise what these remains were like in their original state. This is the purpose of the Irish National Heritage Park, to show you how people lived, worshipped and buried their dead, from the coming of man to this island until the arrival of the Normans in the 12th Century.

Unique in Europe, the Irish National Heritage Park occupies 35 acres and has 16 archaeological and historical reconstructions all located in their natural settings.

The Irish National Heritage Park outlines the history of Irish life as the story of 9000 years unfolds before you. It is history presented in a unique way in magical and varied settings, where you can explore the marvellous and chequered pattern of man’s life in ancient Ireland.

The Park also supports a rich abundance of flora and fauna with its hazel woodlands, wet grasslands, ponds and streams. The ponds support families of ducks an water hens and our resident heron may be seen feeding from time to time. Otters and kingfishers can also be spotted.
Located on the banks of the picturesque River Slaney,‘The Irish National Heritage Park’ truly is the cornerstone of ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’.

An outdoor museum depicting 9000 years of
re-created Irish History situated within natural forestry & wet woodlands.Take an unforgettable journey though Ireland’s past and experience stories, sights and sounds that shaped our country.

Onsite, The Park boasts the award winning ‘Fulacht Fiadh Restaurant’. Our friendly staff are always ready to give you a warm welcome and a hearty meal.

Serving traditional home cooked meals, Light bites, desserts and speciality teas & Coffees there is something to suit every palate.
In our exquisite Craft & Gift shop we house a host of beautiful and unique gift items suitable for all ages.

So what are you waiting for? Why not step back in time and join us in ‘Ireland Ancient East’
Your adventure begins here…..

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