PUPPY MANNERS (LEVEL 1) Sunday, Malahide Castle

Sunday  11 August  2019  11:15 AM    Sunday  1 September  2019 0:15 AM
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Last update 02/09/2019

Puppy Manners for younger puppies up to 6 months 

4 Week course is €135


1 Hour class each week


  1. Socialisation with dogs, people and children
  2. Focus & Attention
  3. Go to “Bed”: Night time and Separation
  4. Fun & Reward: Sit – Down – Stay
  5. Recall
  6. Leave it – Take it
  7. Handling Exercises
  8. Play Time & Games
Course Outline:

The Puppy Manners course is a 4 week course, ideal for puppies up to 6 Months

Socialisation and on leash in a safe and secure environment is necessary to have a well-balanced happy puppy. Personal attention in all our classes is our priority. You will never be alone! 

No prior training knowledge is required in order to participate in our Puppy Manners Course.

In order to achieve the best results, weekly homework and exercises will be required.

Top Ten common behaviour problems such as Barking, Chewing, Digging, Separation Anxiety, Begging, Chasing, Jumping Up, Play-Biting, Attention-Seeking, and Hyperactivity are also addressed during this course.

Course Material provided:
  • Puppy Manners Exercises
  • Homework Log
  • Training Notes
  • Email and Telephone Support


Class Policies https://dspcadogtraining.ie/about-us/class-policies/


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Malahide Castle
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Malahide Castle
Back Road, Co Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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