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Saturday  23 February  2019  2:00 AM    Sunday  24 February  2019 9:00 AM
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In Reiki Level 2 we build on the foundations you have created from Level 1 through your own reiki self practice and maybe treating family and friends. Reiki level 2 invites you to gently begin to let go of the structure and move towards being guided by your intuition (your inner guidance) but more importantly being guided by the energy, surrendering to and trusting reiki. As you learn this you can bring this inner wisdom into all areas of your life. You experience what it feels like to be in the flow of the energy and therefore the flow of life.
Reiki Level 2 is also about your own healing. It's a weekend that offers you the ability to release, let go and gain support for where you are at in your life and how you can deepen your reiki practice so you begin to move from 'doing' reiki to 'being' reiki.
The focus of the 2 days is to take you deeper into your reiki self practice which automatically helps you to hold a different space for family, friends or even treating professionally. You do this through certain Level 2 techniques, self practices, treating other students and meditation. As always there is an emphasis on practical learning so you can get more ‘hands on’ reiki experience.
We will explore and experience:
* The beautiful gift of the reiki level 2 reju / initation
* The Reiki level 2 symbols (3 Usui Symbols and 4 additional symbols)
* Discover the traditional and modern meanings and uses for the symbols as the teachings evolved through Dr. Usui, Mr. Hayashi and Ms. Takata.
* How to connect so you can do distant healing on individuals, children and animals.
* Breaking (cutting) of the ties so you can release attachments to thoughts, beliefs, people and events;
* A deeper understanding of Karma and perform Karma clearing;
* Byosen scanning so we can truly begin to trust and surrender to reiki i.e. so we can get out of the way and let magic unfold;
* Learn more about best practices for you to develop as you continue to self treat and treat family, friends or clients e.g. grounding; cleansing yourself, setting up a sacred space etc
* Revise and expand on your knowledge of the chakras and the links between them;
* Learn to empower & heal events;
* Discuss spiritual clearances;
* Learn about Practicing Reiki professionally e.g. Malpractice insurance, client questionnaire etc;
* Give and receive a full reiki treatment on both days (using Symbols & Byosen scanning).
“Roseleen is a wonderful teacher. Reiki is such a wonderful gift and she truly communicates her passion for the Energy which makes workshops wonderful! Thank you Roseleen, Thank you Reiki!” - SM Dublin
Treat Yourself To This Wonderful Weekend of Healing, Exploration, Learning and Fun!
Early Bird €295, Unwaged €275, Refreshers €150
Contact Me to reserve your place:
Roseleen Mc Nally
086 889 8433

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7 carysfort avenue, blackrock, ireland
7 Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland
7 carysfort avenue, blackrock, ireland