Rewild in the City

Sunday  14 October  2018    Sunday  11 August  2019
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The Phoenix Park is awaiting your discovery…
Here is home to deer, mice, badgers, foxes, buzzards, sparrowhawks, owls & squirrels. A place rich in tree and plant life, as well as fungi, lichens & mosses.
In this abundant playground we will reclaim our food and medicine, cultivate our childhood curiosity and expand our awareness through the learning of ancestral skills, nature connection activities and community building.
Each month, we will focus on a new theme or skill which connects us to our place in the world, as well as to our ancestral past and a more sustainable future.
Themes (may change as we work with nature who is beautiful & unpredictable)
October: Wild dyes & inks
November: Wildlife tracking & awareness activities (Deer rut)
December 16th: Prehistoric lighting techniques
January 13th: Bone craft & tools
February 17th: Wildlife Tracking
March 10th: Fish skin tanning
April 7th: Wild Food & medicine
May 5th: Fire craft
June 16th: Bark basketry & root work
Suitable for ages 16+
Lucy O'Hagan is the founder of Wild Awake & Phoenix Forest School. She is an ancestral skills teacher, ethnobotanist and forest school practitioner. This year, she has spent 4 months living wild with ancestral skills teacher Lynx Vilden; From the ancient caves of the Dordogne, to the northern lands of the Sami. She is passionate about rewilding and rekindling the skills and knowledge we once knew so intimately which connect us to this land, each other and ourselves.
The class takes place at our woodland site in the Furry Glen area of the Phoenix Park, Dublin.
See dates above, 11am-3pm
Suggested Donation 35 euro. I want these days, and these skills, to be accessible to everyone. Please pay what you can afford.
Safe space:
These days are inclusive for people of all abilities and backgrounds to learn and share together. We are queer-friendly, straight-friendly, race-friendly, gender-friendly, age-friendly—just plain friendly! If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, please talk to us.
If you are interested in joining these days, or wish to know more, please contact Lucy at
See you in the woods ♥

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