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Famous for its warm pubs, celebrated music scene and the all important 'craic' which creates it's unique atmosphere, Dublin is a truly a welcoming city. Amongst all this there is something of a food revolution that has been happening in this town and in the country, and us Dubliners are keen to show you around for a delicious taste!

By booking our Dublin Food Tours we want to show you where the locals eat, drink, relax and enjoy the dazzling city of Dublin. We will be imparting our local knowledge of the most delicious food, and also show you all the hidden gems in this beguiling city. Our team of Irish guides will take you to surprising pubs, food shops, and markets, along with a hidden Church, all places beloved by the area's locals, and before long, you will feel like a local too!

Ireland's unique climate of mild summers, winters and soft rain has allowed the lush 'Emrald Isle' to be blessed with a landscape which helps provide truly world class produce. From some of the creamiest and tastiest milk produced in the world, to it's famous seafood, Dublin has embraced this larder of ingredients and locals are now producing award winning artisan foods including delicately smoked and mature cheeses, craft beer to rival any worldwide movement and unbelievable ice cream.

You want more? Don't worry, as always we have our secret dish as well, so come let us show you around town the real Irish way... Slainte!

Our tour starts with the backdrop of the historic Trinity college and takes you on a pleasant stroll around town. We will try gourmet breakfast items with the locals, relax in historic pubs that have a tale or two to tell, where you can enjoy some classic home cooked Irish dishes. We'll introduce you two some secret hidden venues including a speakeasy establishment for locals, and the cosiest bar in Dublin. We'll show you where to get the finest ingredients, delight in a luxurious liqueur and indulge in some truly unbelievable Ice cream.

When you come on our Secret Food Tours in Dublin, you will get to try many favourite Irish dishes, all guaranteed to get your taste buds singing.

  • Firstly, your local Irish guide will take you to an award winning café which is a Dublin institution and has been feeding generations of hungry Dubliners for nearly 40 years, here you will enjoy some quintessential breakfast classics.
  • Next you will try a sip of a unique delightful Irish cream in the environs of a very quaint old whiskey shop.
  • Your personal guide will explain the history of the areas and show you some surprisingly hidden gems.
  • Your tour will continue to an intriguing pub that specialises home cooked Irish food and has been a favourite stop for Bill Clinton!
  • Next you will sample some wonderful artisanal Irish made ice cream produced using the freshest ingredients, in the most charming area of Dublin.
  • Nothing better to finish the tour than with a sample of some irresistibly rich artisan Irish cheeses in a wonderful food emporium.
  • Oh, and of course there is our delicious Secret Dish, too!

Please note: the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather.

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Grattan statue, Trinity College Dublin
2 College Green, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Grattan statue, Trinity College Dublin
2 College Green, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
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