Somatic Movement Workshop with Marion Buechner

Sunday  10 February  2019  7:00 AM    Sunday  10 February  2019 9:00 AM
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Somatic Movement Workshop - Find Ease in your Body and Mind with Marion Buechner
Sunday, February 10th 15-17:00 // € 30
'If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it' – Thomas Hanna.
Somatic Movement uses small, slow, and gentle movements to re-educate the connection to our brain and muscles so we can move more freely and functionally, restoring natural movements. Due to habitual patterns, emotional stress, injuries or trauma our muscles can become tight or restricted. Somatics is a great way to become aware of what tension we are holding and then to safely release it.
In this 2 hours Somatic Movement workshop you will learn to release, lengthen, realign, and balance the muscles in your body to find ease and a sense of freedom in your body and mind.
The workshop is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. It may be of special interest to runners, yoga practitioners, hikers, walkers, mothers with young children and anyone who is seated for a long time at work.

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