Spirituality in Society and the Professions

Thursday  16 May  2019  9:00 AM    Saturday  18 May  2019 12:00 PM
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The topic of the conference is "Spirituality in Society and the Professions" which is related to the

Routledge International Handbook of Spirituality in Society and the Professions edited by Laszlo Zsolnai and Bernadette Flanagan. This topic is very attractive to a multi-disciplinary campus such as Waterford Institute of Technology.

Increasingly it is being recognized that spirituality is an aspect in almost every sphere and aspect of social life, especially in the context of crises and vulnerabilities. It appears in humanity’s dealing with nature, home and community, healing, economics and business, knowledge, and education. The conference aims to discusses the most important issues, frameworks, and problems regarding spiritually-related activities in different fields of social life.

Spiritual-based new approaches and models for the professions should be explored in different societal fields, including religion, psychology, philosophy, theology, ecology, agriculture, water, landscape and urban planning, tourism, medicine, psychological counseling, sociological work, nursing, sport, health, economics and business, management, leadership, politics, law, policing, science, architecture, technology and design, fashion, literature, visual arts, music, theatre, film, dancing, martial arts, media, and education. The conference intends to show how professions have already, and can in the future, gain a good deal in insight and wisdom by embracing spirituality in their working models and functioning.

Issues to be Addressed

What is the understanding of spirituality in different professions?

How do materialistic worldviews dominate social practices and the professions?

How does spirituality influence social practices and the professions in a world detached from its religious and spiritual roots?

What is the role of non-materialistic (spiritual) models in social practices and the professions?

Which are promising spiritually-grounded working models and approaches in different professions?

How are professional associations making spirituality a vital perspective in their professions - medicine, law; psychotherapy, education, etc.

How can professional education be enriched by a spiritual perspective and orientation?

In which ways can "spiritualized" social practices contribute to personal and collective well-being, happiness, justice and peace?

What are the most promising interdisciplinary and cross-professional collaborations employing the spiritual perspective?

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