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Saturday  24 August  2019  2:00 PM    Saturday  24 August  2019 4:00 PM
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Priced @ €89 - 2 Hour Lecture - Topics Include (General Tech, Internet Basics, Internet Security, PC, Phone & Laptops (How They Work), Print

At The Tech Experts we believe technology is about making the quality of people’s lives better and it should enable people to do the things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. Much like learning to read or write, acquiring knowledge of technology comes with investing your time and effort and also having the right environment to learn. Technology shouldn’t be something young people do, it’s for every generation and the more people and broader the experience that give feedback into how technology should develop and evolve then the better society will be.

The Tech Experts is a new project created by Austin from Awesome Web Development & Kevin from East Cost Computer Services in Raheny. Who both have a vast knowledge of IT Systems and hardware and have been part of the local community for a number of years now.

Our mission is to make IT accessible to the elderly and the over 50’s generation that missed being out been born into the techie generation!

Imagine seeing your family's faces on christmas morning in America or Australia over Skype, imagine what its like to view your people in real time christmas moring half way around the world from the comfort of your own home. These are some of the skills you can enable yourself with and enpower a world on dramatic possibilities. Technology should bring people closer together and not isolate because of there age.

We are only too happy to help you regarding any IT questions or issues. Sign up on our website for updates on our seminar dates, newsletter updates and one to one training special offers.

Austin Douglas & Kevin Gibney,

Northside IT Services Ltd

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